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HD Cloud
Teams, Groups, and Athletes

In this blog, we will walk you through an Organization in the Hawkin Dynamics System and the best way to set it up so that you can efficiently view...

Readiness Monitoring

How to use the HD Mobile App for Readiness Monitoring.

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What Story is Your CMJ Telling?

Using the shape and characteristics of the countermovement jump (CMJ) to determine strategy.

Hawkin Cloud Reporting Options

The Hawkin Cloud enables users to build visually appealing and digestible reports in seconds. Report on individuals, groups, or entire teams all at...

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From force to velocity: What is this wizardry?

This article goes through how force (how hard we push or pull something) can be converted into velocity (how quickly an object moves in a given...

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More on what drives CMJ performance

A slightly more in-depth review of the countermovement jump test and how it can inform training and other things.

Data Ownership in Sports Technology

Sports technology and data ownership. Who owns the information you collect with your sports tech? Is it clear and outlined in your end-user-license?

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October 2019 Feature Update

Our new web-app update is live. New reporting tools plus a unified test-view across the entire web-app is ready to go.

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CLOUD UPDATE! September, 2019

A new web app update is going live today for our users. New features are primarily around navigation within the web app and a few new ways to...

Hawkin Cloud Update 6/26/19

Hawkin Dynamics Cloud software was recently updated with significantly more export controls and features. A list of the basic changes is included in...

Web app update!

A new web app update includes some significant changes to page layouts - and more!

How Is Your Data Stored?

The Google Cloud is an important part of how the Hawkin Dynamic system works. Our platform allows for objective and immediate feedback of your...

Assessments of Reactive Strength

RSI is useful for understand how reactive an athlete is. RSI is calculated by dividing flight-time by contact time and is expressed as a ratio.

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Connecting Your Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates

Hawkin Dynamics is making force plates and force measurement accessible to anyone. This post describes the standard procedures for beginning the...

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Understanding the Drop Jump Test - The Basics

Drop jump testing is useful for measuring athlete reactive ability. Using force plates for this tests includes different insights than a simply jump...

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Hawkin Dynamics Version 1.5 is live!

Hawkin Dynamics new software backend enables users to analyze athlete performance data in an entirely new way. Quick analysis and deep analysis all...

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The Countermovement jump test - getting started

Countermovement jump testing basics. An introduction to testing considerations and best-practices for measuring countermovement jumps on force...

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NSCA Coaches Conference 2019

The 2019 NSCA Coaches Conference is in Indianapolis from January 10th-12th. We will be exhibiting at booth #402.

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So what exactly is a force plate?

Force plates are tools used for the measurement of ground reaction forces during walking, jumping, or any other type of movement. Force plates use a...

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Squat jump test - best practices

A description of best practices for the squat jump test. Using a force plate or a set of force plates, we can measure concentric force production...