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We include Tier 1 support with every subscription to our software.  Choose one of the resources below for assistance. 

Examing The Validity of the HD Force Plates

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Tier 1 Support

Tier 1 Support is included with every software license.  To access the support center click here - contact support@hawkindynamics.com for the password.

Technical Support

We are available to address any questions or issues you have with your system - no issue too big or too small!

Understand the Fundamentals

Included are basics for understanding the phases of jump tests, metrics, and testing best practices. 

Tier 2 Support

Looking for additional operational assistance?  Ask about our Tier 2 support service!  Let our sport science team enable you to take control of your data. 



Includes bi-monthly data review calls with one of our sport scientists.


Quarterly custom progress reports generated by our team.


Fine tuning and adjustments to your programming based on insights from your data. 


Solidify your testing protocol and implement testing into your routine.