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CMJ Playbook

The CMJ Playbook

Your one-stop-shop for the Countermovement Jump. A detailed eBook on the CMJ - learn what it is, why it's important, and what to look for in different types of athletes.

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2021 MLB Normative Data

2021 MLB Normative Data

De-identified normative data from our MLB Hawkin Family - broken up by positions.


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Pallof Physical Therapy Course

Integrating Force Plates Into Your Practice

John Pallof from Pallof Physical Therapy presents on the Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates and how he uses them with his patients. 

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HD 7 Test Types

We only use the industry leading calculations, thresholds, and metrics. 

Each one of the HD 7 Test Types can be tagged to make a new test type.

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Hockey Night in America

Image from the Fall of 2021, Hawkin Dynamics was featured on NBC Sports Boston's Hockey Night in New England.

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Making Force Plates Actionable

HD Analytical Advising

Think of it like an extra set of eyes from industry-leading force plate experts whose job is to support you.

We've supported world champions.

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Analytical Advising

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Adam LaChance
Adam Fletcher
Devan McConnell
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