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Countermovement Jump Metrics

New Resource! Updated Google Sheet List Can Be Found Here: Last updated: 12/16/2022 Our Philosophy At Hawkin Dynamics, ...

New Resource!

 Hawkin Metric Database

Updated Google Sheet List Can Be Found Here:

All Metrics

Last updated: 12/16/2022


Our Philosophy 

At Hawkin Dynamics, we believe in giving the user autonomy with their testing diagnostics.

We will never place a label on your athlete.

After all, you are the performance professional. We are simply providing an objective user-friendly vessel to help you drive change in your training, performance tracking, & rehabilitation protocols.  

Below you will find a list of our current Countermovement Jump test metrics (59 metrics). These metrics are simply options that you can choose to analyze, or not analyze when sorting through your data.

We are always open to adding in a new metric if there is a scientifically sound reason for adding in that new metric - meaning that if the metric will provide value to the user and is also supported by scientific principles then we are all ears. Therefore, this list of metrics is always evolving as our users send in new requests.

This is simply one of the ways we provide a user-centric experience, allowing for total customization by each and every user.

Visual Breakdown - CMJ




Before you go...

If you're thinking right now "This is a lot of metrics, how will I know which ones to use?" Simple. We suggest starting with no more than 10 metrics and tracking for an extended period of time (over 30-days). This will allow you to collect a database for your population, as well as analyze trends in metrics overtime. When you feel comfortable, add some more metrics in or take some out.

Need help selecting your metrics? Talk to our sport scientist directly on the phone.

Email us at info@hawkindynamics.com for more info.


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