Objective analysis of human movement, from the ground up.



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Technology Built for Purpose

Hawkin Dynamics believes that sports technology can be a powerful tool in a coaches arsenal. We design solutions that address the most common issues that coaches face. Our systems are easy to use, robust, and we include industry-leading customer service for every user, period. 

Hawkin Dynamics System

Built for the field

Get out of the lab

Forget the old way of athlete measurement with complicated and computer-wired setups - Hawkin Dynamics solutions are portable and accessible in the real-world. 



Time is money, and our testing systems save both.

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Share Results

Our mobile app and powerful web app make sharing testing results quick and easy.

Force Plate Analysis

Next Level Support

We pride ourselves on providing unmatched support and assistance to our users. We also offer additional support and consulting services to ensure you are maximizing the impact of our technology in your organization. 

Hawkin Dynamics Software

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