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Hawkin Dynamics



What solution is right for you?

At Hawkin Dynamics we understand that technology can be intimidating. Our mission is to reduce the complexity of one aspect of your work - your use of technology for objective data collection. We are a team built around attention-to-detail, an unrelenting passion for customer service, and a desire to educate on how force measurement applies to a variety of industries. Harness our passion for force and let's work together. The first step is ensuring we provide the correct information for your needs. Check out our three divisions below: 



We are here to help

From concept to execution, Hawkin Dynamics is your proven and trusted partner in sports science and rehabilitation. Our team of industry experts is here to ensure you achieve maximum results from our technology.

Pre-Purchase Consultation

Step one is always to determine how our solutions can meet your needs. Our goal is clear, keep it simple.

Just what you need. We strive to provide exactly the equipment our users require, and nothing more. No upselling unnecessary additional products.   

Five years, no questions asked. If your HD product is damaged or not working as expected, it's on us, 100%. 

Support that never ends The HD team is committed to industry-leading response times and solutions.   
Future Releases

When you work with Hawkin Dynamics you can expect updates and improvements on a continuous basis. We are NEVER done. 

Events We are here to help with your event. Whether a combine, a camp, or something else, we've probably got experience!   

Key Metrics for 2023

7,738.5 avg. daily tests
21,639 Busiest Day of the Year
74,568 Top Org Count
51 + Countries with HD Users
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Customer Service

Customer Service

There is no more essential aspect to any business than customer service. At Hawkin Dynamics, we are passionate about our customers' successes. You can be confident that working with HD will be a refreshing and energizing experience. 



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Precision and Accuracy

Precision and Accuracy

Measurement precision and accuracy are often overlooked in the human-performance industry. It is assumed that the product is accurate and objectively validated against an industry gold-standard. At HD, we are dedicated to ensuring lab-grade measurements at a fraction of the price. And we have the data to back it up. 

Ready to test

Workflow and Flexibility

Workflow and Flexibility

Bring your force plates anywhere. And test in only 3-clicks. The Hawkin Mobile App is quick, intuitive, and collects a high quality test every time. Dive deeper into your data on The Hawkin Web App whenever works for you.

User Testimonials
Testing with HD force plates helped me to monitor fatigue and assess player’s readiness. As the data is automatically saved and easily interpreted in the cloud, no detail is missing for chasing excellence.
Blanca Romero-Moraleda
As a fairly new user I can't speak highly enough about my entire experience with the Hawkin Dynamics Brand. Whether it's setting up the plates, navigating the athlete dashboard, or scrolling seamlessly between tests, the Hawkin Dynamics System couldn't be easier to use.


Mike RobertsonCoach & Founder @ IFAST Indianapolis

Check out the HD Blog!

Our blog contains an immense amount of information about force measurement, its utility, and the basics behind the "magic" of force plates. 


Get in touch today and we can discuss your needs. We take time with each and every person who contacts us to ensure that Hawkin Dynamics is the right solution for them. No pressure, no unrealistic promises.