Technology Built for Purpose

Hawkin Dynamics believes that sports technology can be a powerful tool in a coaches arsenal. We design solutions that address the most common issues that coaches face. Our systems are easy to use, robust, and we include industry-leading customer service for every user, period. 

Hawkin Dynamics System

Reliable Hardware

Our bilateral force plate system is fully wireless and 100% portable.  Take your plates on the road with your team, take them to events and test on-site - you're in control!

Built for the field

Get out of the lab

Forget the old way of athlete measurement with complicated and computer-wired setups - Hawkin Dynamics solutions are portable and accessible in the real-world. 


Time is money, and our testing systems save both.

Share Results

Our mobile app and powerful web app make sharing testing results quick and easy.

Reach out today

Drop us a note and a member of our team will be in touch

Hawkin Dynamics System