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The HD Approach

We believe that technology can be a powerful tool in sport. It is our mission to make a solution that fits better with the real-world. We try to maintain our core principals above all else: simplicity first, transparency in all areas, and unparalleled customer service.

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The System

Components of the HD system:
Hawkin Bilateral Force Plates
Bilateral and portable force plates for measurement of single-axis force (Fz). 
Hawkin Mobile App
Mobile (phone or tablet) Android app for collecting data from the HD force plates - easy and powerful. 
Hawkin Cloud
Extremely powerful software for analysis & long-term athlete monitoring/tracking - on any device.
Integrations with all major force plate manufacturers is coming in 2019 - make your plates wireless! 
Team Consulting
In 2019 we are launching team consulting services. Consulting means a day or more at your facility, working with your coaches to implement our technology. 
Testing Services
In addition to consulting we are also now offering testing services - we come to you, test your athletes, and generate reports. Great for events like combines or for monthly/quarterly testing for teams. 

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