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We are committed to providing the highest quality data for practitioners and researchers around the globe.


“Hawkin Dynamics has revolutionized my approach to force plate testing and research due to their ease of use combined with uncompromising data integrity. The HD wireless force plate system allows me and my colleagues to seamlessly conduct laboratory-grade research in applied settings anywhere in the world. Their cloud-based workflow has increased my productivity tenfold and significantly broadened my network of collaborators.”
DR. JOHN MCMAHONWorld-leading force plate researcher for applied knowledge


Universities around the world are publishing using Hawkin Dynamics solutions.
The Hawkin Difference is that we are here to assist you in your research and teaching. 

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Dive into a selection of studies performed using Hawkin Dynamics proprietary technology. 
hawkin dynamics
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Unlocking Basketball Athletic Performance: Force Plate-Derived Countermovement Jump Normative Reference Values From Seven NCAA Division-I Power Five Men’s College Basketball TeamsRead More
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Investigating the stretch-shortening cycle fatigue response to a high-intensity stressful phase of training in collegiate men's basketballRead More
Manchester Metropolitan University
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Validity of the Hawkin Dynamics Wireless Dual Force Platform System Against a Piezoelectric Laboratory Grade System for Vertical Countermovement Jump VariablesRead More
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
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Observation of Jump Height, Peak Propulsive Force, Braking Force, and Loading Force in Acrobatics and Tumbling Athletes During a Completive Season: PilotRead More
University of Windsor
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Physiological, anthropometric and athletic performance adaptations from completing a 1-month pre-season period. A two-year longitudinal study in female collegiate soccer playersRead More
Buckinghamshire University, Royal Army, Royal Marine Corps
The Relationship Between Isometric Midthigh Pull Force-Time Characteristics and 2-km Load-Carrying Performance in Trained British Army SoldiersREAD MORE
Salford University Military
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How "STRONG" is the British Military?Read More
Educational university of hong kong
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Post-activation performance enhancement of flywheel training on lower limb explosive power performance (2023)Read More
ACSM Mid-Atlantic
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Analysis of Inter-Limb Asymmetry of Landing Forces and Ankle Injury in Warfighters: A Prospective Study. (2023)Read More
university of bath
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ADAPTations to low load blood flow restriction exercise versus conventional heavier load resistance exercise in UK military personnel with persistent knee pain...Read More
University of Salford
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Changes in Body Mass and Movement Strategy Maintain Jump Height Immediately after Soccer Match (2023)Read More
Furman University
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Monitoring countermovement jump performance for Division 1 basketball players over the competitive season (2023)Read More
Mcmaster University
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Tracking the Reliability of Force Plate-Derived Countermovement Jump Metrics Over Time in Female Basketball Athletes: A Comparison of Principal Component Analysis vs...Read More
Nottingham Trent Force Plates
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Turmeric supplementation improves markers of recovery in elite male footballers.  (2023)Read More
Bishop's University/University of Montreal
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Countermovement jump performance and team membership of youth female and male ice hockey players. (2023)Read More
Samford University Research
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The Influence of Music Preference on Countermovement Jump and Maximal Isometric Performance in Active FemalesRead More
Hawkin Dynamics Salford Chichester University
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Agreement Among Countermovement Jump Force-Time Variables Obtained From A Wireless Dual Force Plate System And An Industry Gold Standard System. (2022)Read More
Human Kinetics
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The Effects of Soccer Specific Exercise on Countermovement Jump Performance in Elite Youth Soccer PlayersRead More
Ohio State University Hawkin Dynamics
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Analyzing Force-Time Curves: Agreement Among Commercially Available Automated Software and Custom MATLAB Analyses (2022)Read More
Coventry University
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The Effects of Soccer Specific Exercise on Countermovement Jump Performance in Elite Youth Soccer Players (2022)Read More
University of Salford Manchester
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Early Pre-Season Changes In The Countermovement Jump Outcome And Strategy Variables Of English Super League Rugby Players (2022)Read More
McMaster University Hawkin
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The Ecological Validity of Countermovement Jump to On-Court Asymmetry in Basketball (2022)Read More
Macquarie University
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Unsupervised Clustering Techniques Identify Movement Strategies in the Countermovement Jump Associated With Musculoskeletal Injury Risk During US Marine...Read More
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Sex-Differences in Counter Movement Jump Kinetics and Kinematics Following 10-week Marine Officer Candidates School (2021)Read More
Saarland University
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Are Measurement Instruments Responsive to Assess Acute Responses to Load in High-Level Youth Soccer Players? (2022)Read More
Brock University
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Intensified training in adolescent female athletes: a crossover study of Greek yogurt effects on indices of recovery (2022)Read More
Human Kinetics Journal
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Validity and Reliability of Strategy Metrics to Assess Countermovement Jump Performance Using the Newly Developed My Jump Lab Smartphone Application (2022)Read More
Universidad Zaragoza x Technologico Nacional De Mexico
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Force-Sensitive Mat for Vertical Jump Measurement to Assess Lower Limb Strength: Validity and Reliability Study (2021)Read More
Lindenwood University
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Comparison of Calf Only External Pneumatic Compression and Compression Socks on Performance Characteristics in Counter Movement Jump (2020)Read More
Northumbria University x University of Vermont
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Is There A Biomechanically Efficient Vertical Ground Reaction Force Profile For Countermovement Jumps? (2020)Read More
High Point University
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The validation of a portable Dual-Force Plate System for Assessing Countermovement Jump Performance Read More
Point Loma University
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Relations between neuromuscular capacity and distance running performance in a sample of college athletes. (2022)Read More


A selection of posters published using Hawkin Dynamics force plates.