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Amy HeerenAug 24, 2023 3:17:47 PM1 min read

Hawkin Force Plates Help Spain Women's National Team Capture Excellence

Small Teams Make Big Impact

Our small company headquartered in Westbrook, ME is making a stir globally. We build our performance hardware and software in the Dana Warp Mill and ship our products worldwide. Our customers the Spanish Women’s National Soccer Team, just wrapped up their historic run in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup with a 1-0 victory over England. This win captures the country’s first-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup.  

Spain Women’s National Team (SeFutbol) uses our wireless force plates and cloud-based software to monitor and test their athletes in real time throughout training.  

A force plate is a very high-frequency scale, collecting 1000 data points per second. Athletes perform a movement on the plate or plates (jumping, lifting, etc.), and Hawkin’s solutions measure their force output in real time displaying it in a simple and clean mobile app. The information gained can be utilized to better understand how the individual using the plate interacts with the ground (force production is essential for any human movement, even walking!). This information allows deep insights into movement patterns and deficits, aiding actionable decisions in the training or rehab process. 



Blanca Romera Moraleda, Ph.D. and trainer for the Spanish Women's National Team says, “Testing with HD force plates helped me to monitor fatigue and assess player’s readiness. As the data is automatically saved and easily interpreted in the cloud, no detail is missing for chasing excellence.”  

Moraleda has worked with the national team since 2020 and is also a professor at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. This year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup has been a record breaking one, garnering loads of attention for Sydney hosting over 600 thousand fans, making it the largest tournament of its kind to date.  


Hawkin Dynamics is no stranger to professional sports, with customers in most major professional leagues including the MLB, NBA, NFL, and Premiere League. Their solutions were used in both the NBA and NFL drafts this year. Let us help you reach excellence too.