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Interested in learning more about our company history? You've come to the right place!



Hawkin Dynamics is family business. We treat all of our customers with the same respect and commitment that we expect for ourselves. 

Our company is nothing without our customers. We seek to develop and foster strong relationships with all of our customers. In turn, many are willing to offer feedback and suggestions about our products. This process empowers our development team to improve systems in the most impactful ways possible. 

We value Honesty and transparency in business

We believe that our products should stand on their own and speak for themselves. Hawkin Dynamics is an open book. 

All of our solutions are validated by third parties. Our software algorithms are all publicly available. Our entire team is willing and able to answer any questions about force, interpretation, and application. 

Hawkin Dynamics is your trusted partner in force. 

We're in the business of solving problems

We believe technology can be a powerful transformative tool in the right hands. Often products can create new problems for users rather than solving the original issue they sought to solve with tech!

Our development process includes a rigorous assessment of the utility of any feature or update. If we aren't 100% confident that we are improving our products, we won't make a change. This is a fully integrated process across our company to ensure we are consistently leveling up for you.




Hawkin was founded in response to the growing demand for a user-friendly solution for objective athletic testing. Ben Watson, our founder, worked for a decade in the motion-analysis industry selling other company's products. This experience is where the Hawkin story begins. Force plates and other biomechanical technology can be cumbersome, expensive, and difficult to operate. Hawkin Dynamics was founded to remove these barriers. 

squat jump on force plates


By the end of 2019, we had over 150 users and knew we could deliver high-quality solutions to our customers. This is when we began to really build our team and added full-time staff. We had proof we were building something great, and our company continued to grow every year. As we grew, the core values that have made our company successful have been deeply engrained in every one of our employees. 

case w plates-1

2023 - NOW

2023 has been the most transformative year for the company so far. We've added over ten new staff positions, have fully operating subsidiaries in Ireland and Australia, and our customer base continues to grow. As we expand, we are intensely focused on maintaining the principles that made us successful in the first place. No matter our size we want to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. It is our mission to provide the same relentless dedication to our customers that established Hawkin Dynamics as a leader in the human performance industry. 

We're just getting started!

force plates and case in a garden