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Lauren GreenMay 13, 2024 2:50:45 PM1 min read

Announcing HDFORCE: A New Way to Harness Your Data with Python

We are excited to announce the release of HDFORCE, our new Python package designed to enhance your interaction with the Hawkin Dynamics API. Just like our R package, hawkinR, HDFORCE aims to simplify your data retrieval and manipulation processes but now through the versatile and widely used Python programming language. 

Python: The Choice for Modern Data Science  

Choosing Python for HDFORCE aligns with its status as a leading language in the data science community. Its versatility and extensive library ecosystem make it an excellent choice for data analytics and machine learning applications. 

Getting Started with HDFORCE  

To begin using HDFORCE, visit our documentation page at HDFORCE Docs. Here, you'll find detailed guides and tutorials on how to install and utilize the package effectively. 

Features of HDFORCE  

HDFORCE offers a suite of functions tailored to fetch and manipulate data directly from your Hawkin Dynamics server. It has been carefully developed to provide a robust and efficient solution for handling large datasets, ensuring you can access your data without hitting memory limits. Key functions include: 

  • Authentication: Seamlessly authenticate with our API using your refresh key created in your integration settings. 
  • Data Retrieval: Use parameters to fetch data for specific dates, tests, or athletes, optimizing your data management. 
  • Syncing Methods: Execute data pulls with only the latest tests to ensure your local data is always up-to-date without having to download existing data and reach download limits. 
  • Logging: Configurations can be set to create log files to aid in debugging during app development or track the success and volume of calls made to your server. 


Getting started is as simple as downloading any other distributed Python package, as hdforce was published to PyPI (The Python Package Index). You can use your pip install method to download the package and any necessary dependencies: 

You can find more detailed information about installation and configuration in the documentation. 

Your Feedback Matters  

As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. We encourage you to try HDFORCE and share your experiences, which will help us continue to refine and enhance the package. 

We're committed to providing you with the best tools to access and analyze your performance data efficiently. HDFORCE is a testament to our ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and data management capabilities.