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Hawkin Dynamics StaffApr 17, 2024 4:18:54 PM2 min read


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On the cutting edge of sports technology is Hawkin Dynamics, a company committed to improving athletic power and performance. Founded in 2016, the company pioneers innovative movement solutions so clients can focus on what matters most.

“We are a sports performance tech company,” says Ben Watson, founder and CEO. “From high schools to Olympic committees, we work with teams and programs all over the world— including every major U.S. professional sports league. They trust our technology can make their athletes better.”

A former athlete and personal trainer with a background in biomechanical technology, Watson has always been passionate about understanding how the human body works. By founding his company, he has helped revolutionize the sports performance industry with user-friendly products and tech.

“From the beginning, we’ve built research grade products with a consumer interface,” says Watson. “We bring the lab to the playing field.” Designed with customers in mind, Hawkin Dynamics’ wireless force plate systems combine durable, built-to-last hardware, with intuitive software optimized for usability. “Force plates have been around for 30 years,” Watson says. “Traditional force plates are expensive, heavy, and not portable. We’ve innovated that technology by making it mobile and engineered it to meet the needs of coaches, as well as researchers.

“But the real power behind our solutions is in our software,” he continues. Simple, easy, and powerful, Hawkin Dynamics’ platform captures and displays data instantly through a straightforward mobile app, allowing users to track and compare data over time and against different populations.

Those details reveal key performance insights that help coaches identify injuries or performance issues and improve athletes’ strength, speed, and agility.

“All that data goes to our cloud, where coaches can access it when and where they need it most, not just at the collection point. That’s a real paradigm shift in this industry,” Watson explains.


“Force is universal. It applies to everything we do. Our ability to produce force is the determining factor behind athletic performance and potential,” says Watson. “The key is identifying where athletes are weak or strong and targeting those areas to get them where they need to be.” “Like the sports performance world, we embrace the mentality of always trying to up our game,” continues Amy Heeren, director of marketing.

True to that ethos, Hawkin Dynamics has expanded into tactical and clinical markets with technology optimized for combat readiness and rehabilitation. “Our purpose at Hawkin Dynamics is helping clients perform better,” Watson says. “That includes military and first responders who train just as hard as athletes.”

Hawkin Dynamics recently launched a new solution, Hawkin TruStrength, tailored for clinical settings to help clients recover and return to play faster after injuries.

“We’ve specialized in sports performance for years. Now, we’ve democratized performance data for any market with the knowledge to utilize it,” says Watson, whose real-world solutions are used by organizations across over 40 countries.

“How can we enhance your team, clinic, or company?” he asks. “By helping you to keep pushing forward.”