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Dr. Jason LakeSep 8, 2020 4:26:09 PM15 min read

The case against the fluffy metrics: Rate of force development (part 3)

Introduction In the last article, we went a little deeper into how the methods we use to ...
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Dr. Jason LakeMay 26, 2020 12:15:09 PM8 min read

2 Key factors that influence CMJ force data QUALITY - Integration Drift & Quiet Standing Period

Introduction Well, this sounds serious? Please don’t panic though. Instead, think of this ...
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Dr. Jason LakeApr 17, 2020 7:06:17 AM7 min read

The case against the fluffy metrics (Part 2) - Power

Introduction So, a few weeks ago I wrote a blog post in which I described metrics, like ...
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Dr. Jason LakeMar 16, 2020 10:00:00 AM9 min read

The 'ODS System': A guide to selecting your force-time metrics

Every force-time curve can tell a story. It’s true.
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Dr. Jason LakeFeb 29, 2020 11:54:09 AM6 min read

Now we know what a force plate does, how do we use it?

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Drake BerberetDec 2, 2019 12:56:21 PM1 min read

Countermovement Jump Metrics

New Resource!
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Hawkin Dynamics StaffOct 17, 2019 1:43:45 PM2 min read

October 2019 Feature Update

Test View Refresh We've finally unified our "test view" across all pages of the web app! ...
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Hawkin Dynamics StaffSep 10, 2019 10:00:02 AM1 min read

CLOUD UPDATE! September, 2019

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Hawkin Dynamics StaffJun 27, 2019 8:08:20 AM1 min read

Hawkin Cloud Update 6/26/19

We've just released a new web app update (again!) with some nice new features we've been ...
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