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Hawkin Dynamics StaffJun 27, 2019 8:08:20 AM1 min read

Hawkin Cloud Update 6/26/19

We've just released a new web app update (again!) with some nice new features we've been testing for a few months now. A quick rundown is below. 

1. Export averages by athlete/test type for a session:

force plate software

The export will now (if you choose) average the results for each individual within a session. You can also include the original individual test results in your export (averages and tests). This was an often-requested feature and we will be adding functionality to exports in the coming months as well. 

2. Dashboard Key Metric:

hawkin dynamics software

We've added a key-metric for each test type (this is locked at the moment) as a way of giving users a "quick view" of their data without having to dig into each individual test.

3. Filtered Data Avg. Export:

Exactly the same feature for session export is now available for any filtered data on your dashboard. You can quickly export an entire team's data set with averages per session/athlete. This is the quickest way to, say, export ALL countermovement jumps, or ALL Isometric Mid Thigh Pull tests - simple! 

force plate data export


Keep an eye out - we have a significant app update coming soon which will offer a lot of new functionality - we're internally beta testing now!