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Assessments of Reactive Strength

RSI is useful for understand how reactive an athlete is. RSI is calculated by dividing flight-time by contact time and is expressed as a ratio.

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Connecting Your Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates

Hawkin Dynamics is making force plates and force measurement accessible to anyone. This post describes the standard procedures for beginning the...

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Understanding the Drop Jump Test - The Basics

Drop jump testing is useful for measuring athlete reactive ability. Using force plates for this tests includes different insights than a simply jump...

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Hawkin Dynamics Version 1.5 is live!

Hawkin Dynamics new software backend enables users to analyze athlete performance data in an entirely new way. Quick analysis and deep analysis all...

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The Countermovement jump test - getting started

Countermovement jump testing basics. An introduction to testing considerations and best-practices for measuring countermovement jumps on force...