Drake Berberet

How Is Your Data Stored?

By Drake Berberet May 30, 2019

One question we often get at Hawkin Dynamics is "How is my data stored"? The flow chart below shows..

Understanding Teams & Groups

By Drake Berberet May 16, 2019

Teams vs. Groups

Understanding Comparisons (Z-Scores)

By Drake Berberet May 16, 2019

Analysis of the athlete’s selected countermovement jump data point indicates that they jumped 0.37..

Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull - The Basics

By Drake Berberet April 29, 2019

The isometric mid-thigh pull (IMTP) is an assessment of an athlete’s force producing capabilities...

Assessments of Reactive Strength

By Drake Berberet April 16, 2019

Muscle Actions & Reactive Ability

Countermovement Jump or Squat Jump?

By Drake Berberet March 19, 2019

Difference Between the Countermovement Jump and Squat Jump

Connecting Your Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates

By Drake Berberet March 6, 2019

Welcome Congratulations on your purchase of the Hawkin Dynamics force plate! This is an..


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