Portable and Truly Wireless

No Compromises

Set up your plates where you need to test - no issues with cabling or networking. Just power on and in 10 seconds you are ready to go. And no compromises means full frequency data collection over the air - 1000 Hz.

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We Stand Behind Our Products

Hawkin Dynamics is built on customer support. We are here to assist with any questions and can provide you with answers - no waiting around for a call back when critical testing is taking place. We get it, and we won't let you down.

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Custom Force Plates

Buy or Lease

We offer flexible payment options at Hawkin Dynamics. Our purchase option is the most popular and affordable on the market.

Not ready to buy outright?  You can also lease for a year or monthly.

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Third Party Integrations

In addition to our in-house hardware, we also integrate with other force plates into our system. Bertec and AMTI force plates work seamlessly with our simple integration box and enable the full Hawkin experience with your existing hardware. 

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