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Lauren Green
Hawkin Dynamics StaffNov 16, 2021 4:35:42 PM< 1 min read

Force plate fundamentals and developing sound return to play protocol

Lauren Green

Lauren Green joins Rob Pacey and the Pacey Performance Podcast in Episode #303. In this episode Lauren covers many topics regarding the Countermovement Jump and CMJ Rebound. Including his protocol for Return to Play on the HD Force Plates.

Episode Topics

In this episode we discussed…

  • Who is Lauren Green (background, experience and current role)
  • Force plates
        • Fundamentals
             • Asking the right questions
             • What questions do you want to answer?
             • Increasing or reducing metrics being analysed – process
        • Return to Play (RTP)
             • Landing characteristics
             • Trunk rotation?
             • Eccentric peak velocity
             • What data is meaningful?
             • Thresholds
        • Reporting
             • Principles

Lauren can be found on Twitter @greenhouse_sp

>>Link to the Full Podcast can be found here.