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Eric Renaghan
Hawkin Dynamics StaffNov 17, 2021 11:30:41 AM1 min read

Choosing the right force plate metrics and using them effectively

Eric Renaghan

Eric Renaghan joins Rob Pacey and the Pacey Performance Podcast in Episode #213. In this episode Eric speaks on his nearly 10-year experience in the NHL and working with two separate force plate companies & softwares.

Eric is an expert at making force plate metrics trainable. If you enjoy Eric's work give his podcast episodes a listen on The Hawkin Podcast - Merit-Based Training & Merit-Based Training (Part 2) 

Episode Topics

In this episode we cover:

  • Who is Eric Renaghan (education, background and current role)
  • Modelling vs. Monitoring/programming
    • How your data effects your decisions
      • Examples of metrics collected and how they are rationalised to coaches
    • Presentation and delivery of data to coaches
  • More progressive areas of sport nutrition
    • Current philosophy and practices on sport nutrition
    • Eating around travel
  • Data Granularity how to get wider, deeper and faster usable data
    • Examples
  • Why are some programs more successful than others and the difference between sports science/winning
  • Medical aspects of RTP and taking the direction of High performance into a leadership role
    • Any examples of protocols in your RTP’s would be great
      • Maybe an example of how you would get a guy back from a adductor issue?
        • Initial assessments, benchmarking, strength testing etc

Eric can be found on Twitter @EricRenaghan

>>Link to the Full Podcast can be found here.