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Ryan Patrick NYK Peak Fast
Hawkin Dynamics StaffAug 3, 2023 12:51:27 PM1 min read

Filling Empty Buckets and Integrating Tech in the Private Sector


Ryan Patrick joins Mike Robertson's The Physical Preparation Podcast on Episode 393. 

Ryan Patrick is owner of Peak Fitness & Sports Training (aka PeakFAST) in Erlanger, Kentucky. In the years that I’ve known Ryan he’s been a competitive powerlifter, gotten his Masters Degree, and run an incredibly successful fitness business.

But most importantly, Ryan is someone whose ideals and philosophies really parallel my won, which is probably why we get along so well!

In this show we dive into Bill Hartman’s model, the technology he’s using in his gym to assess his athletes, and how he’s using those assessments to drive superior programs.

Episode Topics

  • What’s new in Ryan’s world, and what he’s been up to since the last time we chatted.
  • How Bill’s movement model has influenced his thinking.
  • His Big Rocks when it comes to movement training and getting the most out of his athletes.
  • What got Ryan started down the tech/sports science rabbit hole.
  • The equipment he’s using in his gym, and why he selected each piece (i.e. how it helps him make better decisions).
  • How his assessment process has evolved over the past 3-5 yeras.
  • Ultimately, how he’s using his assessment to drive better decision-making with his programs.


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