Designed Around You

Hawkin Dynamics is built around our customers. We believe that technology is most useful when it stays out of your way. Our force plate system is the quickest, easiest to use, and most robust solution on the market. 

Filmed at Edge Performance Systems (Foxborough, MA) for NBC Sports Boston


All of our solutions are portable and battery powered for the real world. No more cable nightmares in the lab or in the field!

Cloud First

The cloud enables real-time access to your data when and where you need it. No special computers required to analyze your data.


Data ownership and security is paramount. With Hawkin it's not in question, we take privacy and security very seriously. 


Simple, easy, and powerful

Our software is the industry leader in workflow and flexibility. Capture data with our mobile app and receive instant results of your tests. Compare data over time, against different populations, and profile your athletes all in our web app - simple. 
Force Plate Software

Used in 31+ Countries

Accurate, portable, wireless , and built to last. Our plates are designed for the real-world with nearly 1-million tests completed in 2021. Finally a solution that fits into your daily testing workflow and gets out of the way.
Portable Force plates

On your side

We pride ourselves on industry-leading support and training services. We are here for our users when they need us. Technical questions, training, onboarding, it's all included with our software license. 

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