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Welcome to the Lab! The Hawkin Podcast presented by Hawkin Dynamics is more that a podcast about force. It's a podcast about innovation in training, technology, health, & lifestyle from the World's most influential coaches, researchers, & entrepreneurs. Listen below!


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Jason Stone is currently the Applied Sports Science Coordinator of the Cincinnati Reds where he focuses on applying practical, technical, and tactical health, performance, and human movement skill enhancement protocols across the Reds organization, with a special focus on Minor League player development, that revolves around baseball’s key performance indicators. Prior to working with the Reds, Jason worked at West Virginia University as the Performance Specialist of the Men's Basketball Team, as well as being a Senior Research Specialist. Jason also worked at The Ohio State University as their Performance/Sports Scientist. Prior to his time at OSU, Jason spent three years with Texas Christian University (TCU), in their research department. All this after being an Assistant Researcher for the Air Force Research Laboratory. Jason is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Applied Sports Science from West Virginia University. He earned his Master's in Exercise Science from TCU and attended Miami University where he received his MS in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. Jason has a passion for developing athletes and has become excellent at it, take a listen...

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