Simplified Data Collection

Stop wasting time with cabling and overly complex software to collect force data. Hawkin Dynamics offers coaches and practitioners a new approach.

Our mobile application makes the entire process fast and clean. No more typing and setting up your laptop in the weight room, just set up your plates, connect, and go!

Hawkin Dynamics Mobile App
Hawkin Dynamics Workflow

How It Works

Our software is built around YOU, the user. We built our software from the ground up with input from a team of experienced and knowledgeable coaches. This means every feature has a purpose.

Make the Hawkin Dynamics software your own with customizable reports, adjustable metrics, and featured KPI's to ensure you don't waste time digging through the data to identify a change or red-flag.  

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From Collection to Reporting

Once you collect a test in the mobile app you receive instant results and analysis, including an automatic flagging system to immediately identify potential issues. Upon saving your test the results are then rapidly uploaded to the cloud where you can develop reports for individuals, groups, and teams. All reports are printable and customizable with templates for who/what/when you are analyzing and any comparison populations. Make the system yours with customized metric selection; hide any metrics you aren't using - simple. 

Profile Report
Dynamic Strength Index
Hawkin Dynamics Test Page
Bar Graph

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