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The IDea

The idea for Hawkin Dynamics is born. Frustrated with legacy solutions, the HD Founders decided to break free and build a unique solution for coaches first.


First Product

The HD Team released v1 of our force plates in 2017. With early success it became clear that our idea was gaining traction.



2018 was a milestone year for the company. We consolidated all of our team to one location in Westbrook, Maine. For the first time in the company's brief history every member of the team was in the same office on a day-to-day basis. Our production capacity increased dramatically and our development team grew as well. 



2019 saw a massive increase in our ability to deliver high-quality solutions for our customers. We grew at an absurd clip through the year and the team expanded significantly. With over 150 users by the end of 2019 we knew we had done some things right, but this was just the beginning of something great.


A Challenge

Heading into 2020 we had high expectations of our company. We knew that maintaining growth would be challenging given the success of 2019, but we had no idea how the Corona Virus pandemic would impact our company. We managed to keep the doors open and pivoted to providing education for coaches and professionals. It was a gamble but it paid off big as we put in a ton of work to educate and promote coaches in the field. By the end of the year we had managed to retain our entire workforce and had even added a few new players to our team. 2020 ended on a high note and we've managed to leverage our momentum in 2021 with a blowout year with well over 100 new users in the year alone. The future is bright!