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Your data when and where you need it. Analysis as basic or as in-depth as you need, all in our cloud app. Updates and support are always included.
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Your data, unlimited

The Hawkin Cloud provides deep analytics into your team's performance. Data is instantly synced to any connected device in real-time, allowing you to access and monitor your testing program from anywhere in the world. An easily customized dashboard allows you to focus on what matters most. 

Most importantly, your data belongs to you - we won't ever hold it hostage and this is why each data-set can be exported instantly - both raw data and calculated outputs. 

Easily track individual athlete's performance trends over time or get a high level view of your entire team's progress at the click of a button.  Beyond data analysis, the Hawkin Cloud enables users to manage their teams with ease.  Import lists of athletes with a click, and group them based on position, sport, or any other way you'd like - you're in control.


Team Dashboard
HD Cloud offers a quick overview of your team - athlete lists, groups and more + a running list of all of your data. Instantly download an entire team history of tests - anytime you want. 
Manage Your Athletes
Easy athlete import, editing, and management from the team dashboard. Include groups for later comparison and for simpler and faster testing.
Athlete Averages
Measure averages over time - and see trends while they are occurring. Quickly compare two metrics against one another over any period of time you wish - simple.
Automatic Scoring
Athlete scoring enables you to put your data into context. How are certain groups/teams testing relative to one another? How are athletes progressing over time, in relation to one another? 
Detailed Test Results
Go in-depth on individual tests - plus include scoring data directly in line with your calculated metrics. Only display those values that matter to you and hide the rest. 
Daily Sessions
Organize your data by date - each session is grouped and available with averages for each athlete, plus soon we will be including session reports with aggregate info on your entire testing session. 

See it for yourself

We believe the best way to understand how Hawkin Dynamics can work for you is to see it for yourself. The Cloud means we can show you testing workflows and data-analysis in real-time - from anywhere. Let's find time to connect!   

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