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Capture on mobile, processed on the cloud

Our approach is different from other force plate software companies. Hawkin Capture, a native Android application, wirelessly communicates with our force plates. With a simple workflow and minimal interaction – coaches and others can quickly and easily capture jump data, report immediate feedback on a few key parameters for each test, and move forward in their testing program. Users can also manage their database, add and remove athletes, and organize athletes into groups – all within the app.

The Hawkin Capture app includes the following tests:

  • Countermovement Jump
  • Squat Jump
  • Drop Jump
  • Isometric Test
  • Countermovement Rebound
  • Multi Rebound Test
  • Free Run


Early in 2019 we will be releasing a new tagging system, which will enable users to create their own tests based off of our core-test protocols. Some examples include weighted squat jumps at varying percentages of bodyweight, Olympic lifts based on our free-run protocol, and a new "velocity-test" for COM velocity measurement during any movement. 

Testing CMJ results
squat jump-1
drop jump