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Workflow Matters

The Hawkin Dynamics mobile app is simple and easy to use on phones and tablets. Use the app to capture force data and provide instant feedback - and analyze in detail later on the cloud. The app is designed around a natural user interface and enables coaches and professionals to get quality force measurements in an incredibly short period of time.
Countermovement Jump
Basic CMJ test for coaches - data is automatically displayed in the app after a successful test. 
Squat Jump Test
The squat-jump - standard "concentric only" vertical jump test. Quick and easy output in the app immediately after test completion.
Drop Jump Test
Select your drop height and you're set - quickly get insight into reactive ability of your athletes. 
Isometric Test
Measure isometric strength any way you like - IMTP, iso-squat, there are no limits. RFD and force at various intervals instantly.
Countermovement Rebound Test
This test is simple - a CMJ and a drop-jump combined into one test. Results include data on both jumps. 
Repeat Jump Test
Unlimited number of jumps within the time you set - measure RSI for each jump and get details on top 5 and top 3 tests. 
force plate app

Captured on mobile, processed on the cloud

We believe that mobile is  the future - one handed testing, simple workflows, and convenience that you just can't find with traditional approaches to sport science. We'd love to show you how our system works - a quick online demo is often enough to answer most questions. Let us know if you'd like to find time to connect!
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