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This guide will take you through the process of setting up, connecting to, and operating your Hawkin Dynamics wireless force plates.
For questions, technical support, or other matters, please submit a ticket here or simply contact support@hawkindynamics.com

  • For our Android app (Hawkin Capture) manual click here
  • For our Web-application manual click here
  • For information on test types click here
  • For information on testing protocols click here


Set up and leveling

The Hawkin Dynamics force plates are portable, wireless, and easy to operate.  Following these simple guidelines will ensure you collect the highest quality data possible.


Make sure your force plates are as level as possible. Press down on each corner to ensure the plates do not wobble, and that all four feet are solidly touching the ground. The HD force plates are designed to account for uneven surfaces, but extremely uneven flooring can adversely affect data collection.


Connect your force plates by aligning the 4-Pin inter-plate cable with  the receptacle on each plate, and press in until you hear a “click.” To disconnect the cable, press the silver “Push” tab on the receptacle and gently remove the cable: 


The Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates are very simple to operate once they have been set up.  Follow these simple instructions to get started, and use the built in LED indicator light to understand what is happening with your Force Plates.

Power on your force plates by pressing the on/off button once. The force plates will boot, zero, and then enter into “Pairing Mode.”

force plates
If you re-position your force plates even slightly after booting, you should zero the plate by pressing the "zero” button once. After pressing the zero button, the LED indicator light will phase green – do not put any weight on the plates while the LED is solid green.
To charge the internal battery on your plate, plug in the included USB cable into the USB port labeled “Charge,” and plug the other end into the included wall outlet. Please note that most laptops or other devices do not send enough power to charge the plates. 
The only way to know if your plates are charging is by connecting to them with the mobile app - the plate status shown in the app will include the charge/charging status. 


LED Sequences

  Plate boot sequence (this will take 30+ seconds to complete after you hit the "power" button - be patient and wait until it moves to the next phase:
 If the LEDs are holding green OR blue (some models the LED is reversed, don't be alarmed!) - this indicates that they are zeroing out - DO NOT TOUCH THE PLATES WHILE THIS IS HAPPENING
 Three lights alternating indicates that the plates are booted and are in pairing mode, ready to accept a connection
 Blue (on some models this will be green) indicates that the plates are connected to a device and are in standby, ready to run tests 
Flashing Yellow Yellow indicates that your plates are in standby mode, but that the battery level is low.  
If you see two red flashes it means one thing and one thing only - the connection between the two plates is not established. Ensure that your cable is properly and completely clicked-in on each plate.  If problems persist, please submit a support ticket here


Connecting to your force plates

Once the plates have finished booting, zeroing, and have entered pairing mode, you are now ready to connect.  The boot process takes less than 20 seconds, and it is essential that you wait for the plates to enter pairing mode before attempting to connect.

Ensure that the plates are in pairing mode by observing the LED indicator light sequence and referring to the list of sequences above.
Open the Hawkin Capture™ app and create/select an athlete to enter the testing screen

NOTE: enable WiFi on the tablet 
On the testing screen, tap the connection button (WiFi Icon) in the lower left hand side of the screen and select the correct plate.  NOTE: plates are identified in the app by the last 3 digits of the serial number located opposite the inter-plate connection cable.
HD Capture App Manual
After you select the correct plate, wait for the connection to be established.  Once connected, you will receive the status of the plates in the connection dialog, as well as their current battery status.



PROBLEM: My plates’ LED indicator light is flashing Red
SOLUTION: This indicates that the plates are in an error state, typically related to the connection between the two plates.  Check the connection and see if the LED status changes.

PROBLEM: I can't connect to my plates

SOLUTION:  First step is always to reboot the tablet and the force plates and try again. Wait until the plates enter pairing mode before connecting.  If problem persists, reboot plates and wait 3-4 minutes before attempting to connect again.  It can also help to turn WiFi on and off on the tablet between attempts.  

PROBLEM: One (or both) of my plates are reading heavy or low.
SOLUTION: Re-zero the plates and check the weights again.  If the values are not correct, relocate the plates to a different spot and try again.  Flooring evenness and material differences will impact readings. 


If you continue to run into problems operating your force plate system, please click the button below to submit a ticket and a member of our team will reach out within 1 business day (typically a lot faster) to assist. 

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