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Portable and fully wireless, our force plates are built for the field. 



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The Hawkin Difference 

Our force plates are rugged, portable, and offer the industry's first truly wireless solution for testing. Quickly set them up and get down to business. google1c0fbfe560108a53.html <meta name="google-site-verification" content="_lnyD3edHgbXOgSXbf0SeGZaGlwVhDDMQkx9aPj5W18" />

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We're happy to offer integrations with 3rd party force platforms as well! We are also resellers of Bertec hardware, which is an awesome option if you are looking for a triaxial force platform. Our integration enables your portable 3D plates to become wireless, and they work exactly the same as our own hardware, simple.  

Bertec Force Plate

Built for purpose

Get out of the lab

Hawkin Dynamics hardware is built for the field and tested in the field. Stop wasting valuable time trying to test your athletes in a laboratory and get your testing done in line with your work. Make testing a part of the training process and you'll save countless hours and frustration. Our plates are also highly portable, enabling many of our users to bring them on road trips to ensure they collect consistent data throughout the season. 


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