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Fully portable and wireless. 


Our Hardware

The Hawkin Dynamics dual force plate system is comprised of two highly sensitive force plates designed for portability, durability, and consistent testing.  The plates connect using WiFi to a tablet and are battery powered - take them with you and test anywhere.


The Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates are built in the USA; each individual plate has four custom beam-type strain gauges for measuring force. These sensors can handle (per plate) a total of 1,400 KG, and have 150% overload protection (it is very difficult to damage these sensors!). Each plate is individually calibrated using standard calibrated weight on top of an engineering stone. We build each set of HD Force Plates in our New England office, and take great care in supporting our users. We stand behind our product 100% with a 5-year warranty against defects and damage from normal use. 

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