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Multi Rebound Jump Test (MULTI)

The Multi Rebound Test Type can be customized by creating & applying a "Tag". Below you can find common Multi Rebound tags. No tag on the system typically implies "hands on hip".
  • 10/5 Rebound Test
  • 5/3 Rebound Test
  • Scandinavian Rebound
  • Pogo Jumps / Hops
  • Bosco Jump Test
How To Video

Multi Rebound Jump Test (single Bertec force plate)
The multi-rebound jump test assesses repeated jump reactivity - there is no limit to the number of jumps that can be performed, and commonly used protocols like the 10-5 repeat jump can be utilized (tagging is important to differentiate between variations as always). RSI is measured for each jump in the series and reported in the results.

Multi Rebound Jump Test (bilateral)

The multi-rebound jump test is quick and easy, and utilizes flight time/contact time in a continuous fashion to assess whether the athlete can maintain reactivity throughout the protocol. 

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