hawkin Cloud guide

Getting started

Logging into the Cloud:

Enter the login credentials for your account 


After login, you'll be directed to the Team Management page.  On this page you can select which team you'd like to view, create a new team, and manage access to your teams.  Please note that only Organizational Administrators can create new teams and manage access.  New user accounts can be added to each team by clicking the Manage Access button under a specific team.  




After you've inputted your credentials and clicked "View Team" you will be directed to the Cloud Dashboard. Here you can see your team and athletes, filter athletes by group or team, view individual sessions, and export data.  A "Session" is defined as any day on which data was collected  


Manage Team

To manage your team, Click the "Manage" button on the upper navigation bar.  On this page you can add new athletes individually or en masse via an excel import, create and manage groups, and edit athlete information.


Activity Feed

To view data as it comes into the system, click the "Activity Feed" button on the upper navigation bar.  The activity feed will populate in real-time as tests come in (as long as the phone running testing is connected to a network).  You can view metrics for tests in the bottom right portion of the screen, edit which metrics are displayed by clicking the gear icon in the upper corner of the metric box, edit the z-scores to compare against any athlete, 

Activity Feed2

To edit metrics, click on the gear icon in the middle right section of the screen - this will bring up the metric settings page.  You can adjust which metrics are displayed for each test type.  Rest assured, all metrics will still calculate for every test - this feature only edits which metrics are displayed.  On subsequent exports of calculated values, only the metrics you select will be included in excel documents exported from the system. 

Edit Metrics


Click on the "Scoreboard" button in the upper navigation menu to see how your athletes compare for different metrics.  You can filter the scoreboard by metric, with tags, by jump type, and either all time or for a specific session/custom date range.  To make the scoreboard populate you must first make sure you 



To edit which tags are available for data collection, click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select "Tags."  On this page you can add new tags, and edit/disable active tags for use in the Hawkin Capture App.  This function gives you an option to exclude weight and exclude from Aggregates - it is recommended that you "Exclude Weight" any tags that involve loaded movement so that it doesn't throw off the running system weight for an athlete.