hawkin capture guide

Getting started

Logging into the app:

Enter the login credentials for your account - please ensure your device has an internet connection when you first login.


After you've inputted your credentials, you will be directed to the team-management page. Here you can see your team and athletes, filter athletes by group or team, and add new athletes.  

jump plate connection

On the team-management page, you can:

1.Scroll up and down to view athletes and tap to select

2. Add new players by pressing the "+"

3.Tap to select active player list (All players dropdown)

4.Tap and hold on an athlete's entry to edit

6.Tap the three vertical dot button to log out

7.Tap an athlete's name to enter into the testing screen with selected athlete


In order to begin testing, select an athlete from the list on the team management screen and tap the blue capture button in the bottom right hand side of the screen.  This will bring you to the testing screen.  On the testing screen, tap the blue "WiFi" button in the bottom left of the testing screen.  The "Manage Connection" dialog will pop up showing available plates (note: make sure your force plates are powered on and in "pairing mode").

Testing Screen 1

Tap on the set of plates to which you'd like to connect and wait to establish a connection.  

Testing Screen Manage Connection   pre connectManage connection connectingTesting Screen Manage Connection

Once the connection is established, the "Manage Connection" dialog will show the plates' status as "Connected" and will show the current battery status. Having connection issues?  Please check out the troubleshooting section on the quick-start guide here.  If problems persist, please contact support@hawkindynamics.com

Once you have connected to your plates, you are ready to begin testing.  Select the test type by tapping the arrow in the upper right of the testing screen

phone test select

Choose the athlete you are testing by tapping the same arrow button next to the athlete's name (note: if not all of your athletes are showing up, move back to the Team Management screen and make sure you've selected the correct athlete group). 

athlete select phone

After selecting the correct test type and athlete, instruct the athlete to stand still on the plates, press the "Play" button in the bottom right of the testing screen, and wait for the beep.  After a quiet phase, the app will make a beep sound and will the screen will flash, indicating the athlete can begin the movement.  (note: test protocol varies for different types of tests; i.e. drop jump does not require the athlete to stand on the plates before the test begins).

Testing Screen 1

Once the test has completed, results will show immediately.  To save the test, tap the blue "Check Mark" button in the bottom right, and to delete the test click the "X" button in the bottom left. You can scroll down and see all the metrics calculated for the test. 

July 2019 update results page

To filter the metrics displayed on the app, tap the settings button and choose "Edit Metrics," select your metrics, and tap "Save."

Testing Screen SettingsMetrics dropdown settingsTesting Screen Metrics

With the latest update of the Hawkin Dynamics App, we will now show you the force traces for failed test so that you can effectively communicate to your athletes why they might be having a difficult time achieving passing results.  Here are a selection of failed test results:

fail squat jumpfail cmj