Drop Jump (DJ)

The Drop Jump Test Type can be customized by creating & applying a "Tag". Below you can find common DJ tags. No tag on the system typically implies "hands on hip".
  • Bilateral DJ
  • Single Leg DJ
  • Hands on Hips
  • Arm Swing
How To Video
Make sure to accurately measure the height from the top of the force plates to the top of the box and input this into the software. It's also very important to make sure the athlete does not step below the box when performing the drop.

Drop Jump with Arm Swing
If you are using the Drop Jump with Arm Swing, make sure to have the athlete start with their hands above their head. On the beep, cue them to swing their arms down and in the back position immediately upon hitting the force plate.

Drop Jump Hands on Hips (Side View)

Drop Jump (Close Up)

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